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8 Tips on Decluttering Your Christmas Decor in Preparation for the Holidays

The Christmas season is always a busy time. People are scrambling to buy gifts, sending out Christmas cards, and preparing food and drinks for the upcoming gatherings and festivities. And of course, you can’t forget about setting up the Christmas decor.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to set up beautiful Christmas decorations, you’re fully aware of how troublesome it could be to pull out the boxes, scavenge for your decorations, and put the decor up in time for the holidays.

While you can get packing services in South Tampa, Florida, who can professionally help you pack, store, and transport these items, some people are more hands-on.

To help you get your Christmas decor in order, here are some tips to help you declutter through your treasured holiday ornaments.

Go Through Your Christmas Decorations

Before storing anything, you need to check your Christmas decor inventory first. Are there any you’re not using? Are there any broken ornaments you’re still keeping? Are there decorations you no longer need but are still keeping?

By removing the things you don’t plan on using, you get to save on time, space, and effort in storing these items. Keep the important and sentimental ornaments and let the others go.

Prepare the Storage Materials Beforehand

Properly packing Christmas decor takes work and a lot of care. A lot of items—such as Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights—are more prone to breaking, so it’s crucial to pack them well.

Save time by preparing all needed materials before packing your decorations. Items you need include:

  • Different-sized boxes (Use original boxes when possible)

  • Tape

  • Marker

  • Scissors

  • Paper padding or papers for recycling

  • Bubble wrap

  • Specialty containers for ornaments, if needed

  • Wrapping paper and ribbons for labeling

Be Careful at Placing Fragile Items

Never place items at the very bottom or at the very top of a box. These areas are more prone to outside contact, which may damage the items placed there. This is especially the case when you plan to move into a new home.

Instead, place these fragile decorations somewhere in the middle of the container. Add paper padding or soft materials, like Christmas socks or holiday-themed costumes, around them to keep them safe.

Separate Your Christmas Decor from Other Items

Some people make the mistake of mixing holiday decor with other regular items, like picture frames and photo albums. This, however, may confuse you when you look for them at another time.

Separate the Christmas decor, and place them in a designated area in your home. After all, you mainly bring them out only during the holidays, so there’s no need to disturb them if they’re not needed.

One creative way to store them is to wrap the boxes’ sides with wrapping paper or wrap a ribbon around them. In this way, they can be easily located when you need to use Christmas decorations again.

Untangle and Pack Your Christmas Lights Properly

Untangling Christmas lights is one of the most tedious parts of setting up decorations. Make things easier for you next year by properly tying and storing them. One way to do this is by wrapping them around thick cardboard paper or even old books. There are also several ways to tie the wires properly, so make sure to look for options that can best fit your storage needs.

Store Similar Items Together

Make things neat and orderly by grouping similar items and placing them in the same container. For example, if you have a lot of Christmas lights, you can place them in a single box. When the season comes for you to bring out the Christmas lights, you can immediately see your options and only bring out what’s needed.

This also applies to other Christmas-themed materials, such as ornaments, paper goods, and clothes. By keeping them in designated boxes, you’ll save time whenever you need to set them up again for the holidays.

Label the Boxes Properly

Simply scribbling “Christmas Decorations” on top of a box isn’t enough. Write down the box’s specific contents, such as Christmas village, Christmas tree decorations, lights, wreaths, and the like. If there’s more than one box containing a specific kind of item, put numbers (e.g. 1 of 2).

Group Christmas Decors According to Use

If you have a lot of Christmas decorations and would like to change things up each year, you can make groups of assortments of decorations and rotate among them each year. For example, the decors used this year are Group 1, so you’ll be using Group 2 for next year. In this manner, your Christmas decorations look new and fresh with each holiday, and you can make the most of your wide variety of decorative ornaments.

As for the Christmas trinkets, you intend to use each year, place them in a separate box away from the grouped decorations. Just reach out for this special box and the designated group of decorations when the time comes to set them up again.

Having a lot of Christmas decorations is fun, but it’s also important to store them properly. Save time and effort each holiday season by decluttering your decorations, ensuring also that your beloved Christmas ornaments will last you a long time.

Last update: November 16, 2022, by Shana Yuri

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